Torrey Smith and wife welcome baby


Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith and his wife Chanel welcomed a baby boy into their family last week.

Torrey Jeremiah Smith–T.J. for short–was born Friday, April 4.

Smith joked on twitter that he didn’t want to post pictures of his son on social media, but his wife’s wishes won out.

“After all she went through yesterday, she wins,” he tweeted.

A few days before T.J.’s arrival, Smith reflected about becoming a father in a blog post entitled “Countdown to Fatherhood.” He wrote that since he was raised without a father, he wanted to do it the “right” way. For Smith, that includes being married before having children and being a role model and moral compass for his son.

“I want to make sure that he has an open mind and open heart,” Smith wrote. “That he can give and receive love, be respectful, and give more than he takes. These are all things that will not happen overnight but I will do my part in making sure he is a well-balanced young man”

He continued, “I must raise him to be a better man than I could ever dream of being. Can’t wait to meet little TJ. IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!!!.”

Congratulations to the Smith family.