Indie Soul: Looking Back and Dwayne “Big Shorty” Morris


— In this week’s Indie Soul, we will be “Looking Back” with author Tyreen King-Maddox and comedian Dwayne “Big Shorty” Morris.

“Looking Back” is a true-life story as told by the author Tyreen King-Maddox. “I was not sure where I was going when I set out to write this book, but I felt the need to share because somewhere out there, is someone who is going through the same thing,” said King-Maddox.


(Courtesy Photo)

Tyreen King-Maddox and her husband at a book signing.

“Looking Back,” is like reading someone’s diary to see what they have been up to. King-Maddox has done an exceptional job of keeping it very real by sharing dark secrets that aren’t discussed in the black community including abortion and substance abuse.

According to King-Maddox, “It wasn’t easy to share, but it was a way for me to heal, to try learn why I made the mistakes I made, and to try to correct them so as not to do the same with my boys.”

Trust, you will see things a lot differently after reading this book. To think this is just part one. For your copy or more information:

Comedian Dwayne “Big Shorty” Morris knows what it’s like to turn your life around. “Man, growing up I made some dumb decisions. I wanted to be in those streets instead of hitting them books. Selling drugs, partying and not caring until they locked me up at 12-years of age. Here I am institutionalized at 17 with no high school diploma. It was at that time, I said I gotta stop this mess,” says Morris.

He has done exactly that by turning his life around and sharing with others so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Comedy was a way out for him. The former class clown has parlayed his talent into a nice gig throughout the DMV area. He is host of the bi-monthly comedy showcase at the Arena Players (May 10th is the next showcase). In addition to the comedy, he is also a childcare provider who is being honored on April 30 for the “2014 Celebrating Success Children’s Award.”

I just want God to use me as he sees fit. I want to be that role model to show that you can mess up and bounce back.” Congratulations “Big Shorty!”

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