Author reflects on his journey in ‘Lessons of Redemption’


— No matter what circumstances one endures in life, there is always an opportunity make the best out of any situation. Author Kevin Shird is a testament to how through determination and growth we can all strive for a better life.

In his book, “Lessons of Redemption” Shird shares issues that plagued him throughout his life including a twelve year jail sentence as well as growing up with a father who battled chronic alcoholic addiction.

Shird started to write the book five years ago, but held out on publishing the book until he was recently encouraged to do so. He believes through his own story his new book will offer inspiration to men and boys that you can turn your life around.

“We have a generation of men whom we’ve lost to incarceration, violence and crime. I am a survivor of the drug war and I am a person who has not always made the best decisions. However, despite it all I am aware that my story can help someone else because who I was, is not who am I am today.”

The Baltimore native is also president and co-founder of the Mario Do Right Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 organization whose mission is to mentor and support children of substance abusing parents.

Debra Rubino, director of strategic communications at Open Society Institute-Baltimore met Shird through his work with the Do Right Foundation. “It’s an incredible story and I feel he makes a very creditable role model for young people. He had the misfortune of being in a pretty violent world growing up, but you would never know by meeting him today what he endured and the tribulations that he went through.”

“Lessons of Redemption” is available for purchase at