Indie Soul: Food for the soul


This week, Indie Soul concentrates on Soul Food— not the type of food that you eat physically, but food for the mind and body and soul!


The book “Without Mercy,” is a stunning true story of race, crime and corruption in the deep South as it pertains to the pattern of convicting and in some cases executing people of color without fair a trial. Author David Beasley shares facts and provides historical evidence of how cases were tried and fixed all in the name of inequality. The book looks at cases from the past right up to modern times. For more information: visit Amazon or Good Reads.

The movie “Dreams,” was originally to be released in theaters across the country. However, Lionsgate changed course and it has now been released on DVD. The cast includes a variety of stars including Grammy nominated Angie Stone; Vickie Winans and Marvin L Winans, Jr.; professional dancer Marchello Lee; boxing trainer Joseph Awinongya; R&B singer J’SON; and “American Idol” contestant Syesha Mercado to name just a few. This is really an inspirational film inspired by true events. To order your copy please visit:

The Last Epistle (Mike Body): The hip-hop music that floods the airwaves is not the only sound of today’s culture. There is plenty of GREAT music by artists with awesome lyrics. Mike Body, born and raised in West Baltimore is one such artist. Body’s decision to make a change in his life occurred when both his friend and his uncle died violent deaths on the same night. With the help of his friend Miles, he turned his life over to the Lord on March 28, 1999.

Body’s voice on tracks is full of passion and love. This project has a mature sound and message such as when he talks about his recent marriage in the track, “Selection Process.” He might not be on the “gangsta” grind but he can rhyme with the best of them and his message is all truth. “My Enemy’s Enemy” is a standout track where talks about losing a job and staying strong against ones’ enemies, both physical and spiritual. Amazingly, Body gets his point across in his music that is appealing yet doesn’t compromise his relationship with God.

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