Indie Soul: Soulful music winter review


Soul music is a feeling, the essence of what comes from the heart. Soul music comes from deep within. It’s not manufactured but from the soul. In this week’s review, meet three indie music artists who are truly the definition of soul!

Meah Pace: This Maryland native, Morgan State University alum, and former captain of the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading squad, has dropped a jewel of an EP (Extended Play). Meah Pace is a take-charge kind of artist. She is executive producer on her latest project “11:03.” She combined elements of rock, blues, and gospel into a sound that is truly her own. There is a song entitled “Gracefully”; when you listen to it, you just want to grab someone and just do that slow grind as if you were in New Orleans at some hot sweaty club. The tracks “I Don’t Need You” and “On My Brain” are two standouts that are sure to get your toes tapping. For more on Meah Pace visit her Facebook page at: meahpaceonline or follow her on twitter @meahpace.



Born and raised in Nigeria, Douye’ traveled here to the United States to pursue her singing career. Like Meah Pace, she has taken control of her music and her sound by calling the shots as executive producer on her latest album. The CD is entitled “So Much Love” and it has 13 of the most soulful songs you will ever hear. Not one track should be skipped. Douye’ has combined the sounds of jazz, reggae, and R&B, to bring you music that will stand the test of time. From the moment you press play, you will be immediately blown away with the tracks “Til Morning Comes” and “Love Rules” with smooth sensuous grooves. On the track “You’re the Only One,” Douye’ speaks to women hanging on to the wrong man hoping he’ll change. The song is done with class, as is the entire project.

Finally, back in the good old days every summer there would be hot songs to make your summer one to remember. The song entitled “Life is Good” will be one of those summer songs of 2014. Douye’s CD, “So Much Love,’ will have you hitting the repeat button over and over. Want the CD? Then go to:

Marcell Russell: The indie artist and new father, represents for the real men who are not afraid to express their emotions. On his latest project, the double CD release, “The Serenade & The Sinner,” he manages to give you the best of both worlds and is very uncompromising when doing so. The lead single, “Baggage,” is about giving thanks to a woman who hangs on to her man despite his past. So much emotion goes into that song that it is amazing that Russell has anything left. It is music dealing with real life problems that everyone can relate to. Russell, like many great producers of the past, writes from the heart and then delivers music with passion and soul. Check out Marcell Russell for yourself:

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