Baratunde Thurston


Co-Founder & CEO of Cultivated Wit, Author, Comedian

“I run a company called Cultivated Wit that uses humor and technology to better communicate, tell stories, and shape technology products. We run comedically-focused digital marketing campaigns for causes and businesses. We make media. We build things including apps, that are fun. It’s all very inspiring and exciting.”

Personal Significance of Black History Month: It’s like Kwanzaa but longer.

Favorite African-American Icon and Why: El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. First, every name this brother had was amazing from Malcolm Little to Detroit Red to Malcolm X to his final name. Second, his life (as so beautifully captured by Manning Marable) represents evolution, transformation, and reinvention. These are all themes essential to the survival and thriving not just of the black community but all communities.

Favorite moment in Black History: today

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