Tips for safe winter driving


The weather outside is frightful and the Maryland State Highway administration has some tips to keep you safe on the roads during snow storms.

• During a snow storm don’t drive if you don’t have to.

• “Don’t Crowd the Plow” – NEVER pass a snow plow or plow train (a series of plows working in tandem ). If driving behind a snow plow or salt truck, provide plenty of space (at least 7-8 car lengths) behind the truck.

• “Know Before you Go.” Call 511 or 1-855-GOMD511 or visit: for current travel inform ation.

• Remember – bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze first. Use caution when driving across them.

• Four-wheel drive vehicles are just as vulnerable to slipping on ice as regular two-wheel drive vehicles.

• Pack a winter driving survival kit – including a shovel, blanket, water, jumper cables, flares, snacks and a flash light.

• Before taking to the road, log onto www., click on the CHART icon and

view traffic cameras.

• Clear snow from your vehicle’s headlights, roof and from other places that may obstruct vision or become a danger to other motorists.

• Make sure your vehicle is in proper working conditions. Check the

battery, tire tread and pressure, belts, hoses and fluid levels.

• Travel with plenty of gas in the tank.

• When shoveling snow, please do not place it in the street/roadway. Plow trucks push snow to the right. When facing your driveway, pile snow to your left, off the road. This reminder will save you additional hours of shoveling!