“You can afford college” offers free, live advice


— “You Can Afford College,” a MPT production for more than 30 years, delivers information tailored to today’s parents and students who need comprehensive, up-to-date information on how Marylanders can apply for student aid for college. The program is part of MPT’s ongoing ongoing $mart Thinking About Your Money financial literacy initiative (www.MPTSmartThinking.org).

The annual live broadcast is hosted by Yolanda Vazquez and Mario Armstrong for the fourth, consecutive year. Armstrong, who earned an Emmy® award for his role as host, is joined by Vazquez and a staff of more than a dozen financial aid advisors from area colleges who will be on hand to answer calls from viewers. This year the program will also be streamed at mpt.org and on the Baltimore Sun website.

The program explores the maze of questions surrounding financial aid and paying for college. Financial aid counselors will explain how to navigate the labyrinth of government aid and paperwork, from public and private grants and scholarships to tax forms and loan applications. Viewers can find out how to safely navigate the Internet in search of funds for college and will meet students from college campuses across Maryland who have found simple and creative ways to pay for school.

Viewers can obtain free personalized advice directly from a financial aid professional during the live show via:

·Phone- (800) 222-1292

·Twitter- #MPTycac

·Email- outreach@mpt.org

The 30-minute program, tailored to those who need a comprehensive, how-to approach on financial aid, includes advice about organizing income tax records, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), sources of financial assistance, types of aid available, important application deadlines and websites offering the latest tips on

finding funds. Viewers will hear from financial aid experts who will offer information about the types of aid available and advice on finding and securing grants, scholarships and loans.

“You Can Afford College” is co-produced by MPT and the Maryland Higher Education Commission for four years. A Spanish-language version of “You Can Afford College” will be available online at: video.mpt.tv in December. For more information, visit: www.mpt.org.