Spoken word artist releases book on balancing love and childhood issues


— Spoken word artist Cherrie Amour has released her first book of poetry, “Free to Be Me: Poems on Life, Love and Relationships.” The book poetically explores Cherrie’s geographical and emotional journey from childhood to adulthood and from the Caribbean to Canada and from Detroit, Michigan to her current hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. In “Free to Be Me” Cherrie takes readers into her journey of dealing with feelings of abandonment, while revealing personal remedies for healing. “Free to Be Me” is available in print and e-book formats on Amazon.com.

Cherrie’s soulful poetic verses in “Free to Be Me” tell stories of separating from her parents at just two years old, when they immigrated to England to create a better life for their family. Upon reuniting with her parents at eight years old after living with her grandparents, an implicit relationship void had occurred causing Amour years of bonding issues, challenges with intimacy, and issues in love relationships. “Emotional scars left unhealed after abandonment can lead to dysfunctional relationships throughout life. Channeling feelings through the creative writing process, as Cherrie has done, is one way to start the healing process,” says Dr. K. Carey, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor specializing in family, and marital relationships.

“Free to Be Me” is about turning wounds into wisdom and sharing an intimate journey of trials and triumphs from a poet’s personal perspective. “I was inspired to begin writing this poetic memoir shortly after my mother’s passing. Particularly because we had worked through many of our mother/daughter issues caused by my feelings of abandonment. It took years for me to fully accept my parents’ reasons for making difficult life choices and many more years for me to forgive and heal. I hope my book will give readers a point of reference for their own journeys,” says Cherrie.

To learn more about Cherrie Amour visit: www.cherrieamour.com.