Arsenio Hall returns to late night talk


“The Arsenio Hall Show” premieres Monday, September 9, 2013 with celebrity guests Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and Nas

“The lines are more blurred now,” Arsenio Hall said about the line-up for the come-back of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” his new late-night syndicated talk show, where he is also the executive producer. “Jay Z and Eminem…would have been more my line-up. It will be a night of surprises, a really fun, party [atmosphere]. I can’t return without big surprises! When you come back, you have to have surprises!”

Hall’s production company, Eye Productions produces the show in association with Arsenio Hall Communications LTD and Octagon Entertainment Productions. It is distributed by CBS Television. He shares executive duties with John Ferriter and Neal Kendall.

The Cleveland native says his show will be about comedy, music and celebrity guests.

“The entire first week is booked,” Hall informed me. “The surprises— I’m keeping under-wraps.”

What I can tell you is that Chris Tucker, Mark Harmon, Ice Cube, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, George Lopez and Angela Bassett will be guests on his couch. Musical guests include Nas, Earth, Wind & Fire and Emblem3. Also Kendrick Lamar, Nick Cannon, Dr. Phil and Country music’s The Band Perry will be guests.

Arsenio Hall is also an actor whose credits include The Real Ghost Busters, “Celebrity Apprentice,” Coming to America and “The Proud Family” movie.

“It’s a lot less BS,” Hall said about being executive producer on the show this time around. “The business has changed a lot— it is a lot more business [and] if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense!”

“Salaries for actors have changed,” he added. “The fat has been trimmed.”

On premiere night, Monday, September 9, 2013 the guest star is Christ Tucker; September 10— guests include Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow (“Scandal”) and rapper Mac Miller; September 11— guests include Magic Johnson, George Lopez and Nas; September 12— Mark Harmon (“NCIS”), Penn & Teller and Earth, Wind & Fire; and September 13— guests include Angela Bassett and Simon Cowell’s group Emblem3.

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