Indie Soul: The Baltimore Times Book Club


On Saturday, August 24, 2013, the first ever Book Club Event at the Baltimore Times will take place from noon to 3 p.m. The Baltimore Times is located at 2513 N. Charles Street in the Charles Village neighborhood in Baltimore.

The aim of book club is to promote local authors by giving them an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

According to the Sales and Promotion Department at the newspaper, “The Baltimore Times has always tried to be supportive of local artists in the area. We want Baltimore to be a city where music, art, films and books thrive. We especially want the independent artists to have a voice!”

Three fine authors from the Baltimore area will be featured at the event this weekend. Scheduled to make an appearance are: Sydney Harrison; Dr. Teresa Fuller; and DeBora M. Ricks.

Sydney Harrison: What if an individual did not have the opportunity to bond with his biological parents? What if he did not know his biological family? What if this child was in desperate need of a loving family and a safe environment? What if love was the only thing that could save this child and was able to change this child’s life for the better? What if one day this individual decided to seek answers to unlock the past and connect the dots and in so doing, the person discovered that he was the product of a vicious and brutal rape? Come to hear what motivated and inspired Harrison and read the story for yourself— “Soul Searcher!”

Dr. Teresa Fuller: “Change 1 Thing! A Doctor’s 12 Step Guide to Permanent Weight Loss, Disease Prevention and A Lifetime of Incredible Health,” was written for people who are frustrated with many failed attempts at permanent weight loss and chronic health problems. Dr. Teresa Fuller developed this step-by-step approach in response to countless patients who have asked her how to lose weight and improve their health. The book takes you on a journey by asking you to adopt 12 habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. The book asks that you allow yourself one month to firmly establish one new habit and in one year, you will have transformed your lifestyle.

DeBora M. Ricks: You don’t have to identify yourself as a “love junkie” to get value from this book, which offers relationship wisdom for anyone who has ever loved; been in a relationship; believed somehow that a relationship would complete them; or felt that they were damaged and unlovable.

“Why Did He Break Up With Me?” is full of breakup stories from women, tips on how to “get over him,” insight and advice from therapists, life coaches and sex advocates and much, much more! One reader said about the book, “It changed the course of my life!”

For more information about The Baltimore Times Book Club, call 410-366-3900 ext. 3016.

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