Review: Chante Moore shines on new album


For quite some time, the underrated and underappreciated Chante Moore has been one of my favorite female singers, and her new release, an eclectic and appealing 10-track collection titled “Moore Is More,” definitely served to solidify her status.

After a bit of a hiatus, Moore’s career is on the upswing, and she is currently starring in the “highly rated and anticipated” TV One reality show spin-off, “R&B Diva’s: L.A.,” which premiered on July 10, 2013, breaking records for its high viewership.

The show follows the lives and careers of Moore as well as Kelly Price, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson.

“Moore Is More” is Chante’s first album since 2008, and the project showcases her talent as a songwriter, as well as her seductive, focused and often dramatic, vocal delivery, which comes quite naturally to singers who work in live theater.

It was also refreshing to note that several of the songs are backed by live musicians— a novelty in today’s recording industry.

The disc opens with “Baby Can I Touch Your Body,” which has a smooth jazz flow. Among several selections that feature Moore’s stunning upper range, “Talking in My Sleep,” co-written by the artist, has strong lyrics, and probably the best shot at crossover airplay, while the impassioned “Jesus, I Want You” is a lock for the contemporary gospel format.

An example of Moore’s impressive versatility, the cute and campy “Doctor, Doctor,” co-written by Moore and Kwame’ Holland, is built on the Sam Cooke dance classic, “Shake.”

“This album draws from many moments in the last ten years of my life,” Moore explains. “It is filled with intimate details and subject matters I cannot ‘talk’ about but I have to sing about. Understanding more about who I am and more about what I want. I am victorious! I choose to live! And man, am I gonna live! Love is on the way.”