“You Will Know” returns to Baltimore’s Theatre Project


Baltimore— “You Will Know,” an uplifting new comedy that debuted at Centerstage in January this year, returns to Baltimore’s Theatre Project from June 27 to 30, 2013. This original production humorously explores the possibility of self-actualization through joblessness.

After becoming unemployed, first-time playwright Michal Roxie Johnson teamed with Walter J. Slowe III, who ironically also became unemployed shortly after their collaboration, to craft sketches that reflect their experiences of losing a job and finding oneself in the arts or other passions. In addition to writing, directing and producing this play, the pair will each bring seven characters to life on stage and film.

“You Will Know” follows the characters Raina and Justin through a series of sketches that illustrate their lives as they deal with unemployment and find strength in the freedom it provides.

Johnson was partly inspired to write the play after attending a workshop by motivational speaker Les Brown, and hopes that what she and Slowe laughingly refer to as “Les Brown theater” will once again serve to inspire and comfort others suffering from the effects of unemployment.

This unique multimedia performance mixes live theater, film and music created in partnership with Triumphant Music Group Studios.

Tickets are available for purchase now at Theatre Project’s box office located at 45 W. Preston Street in Baltimore or online at: www.theatreproject.org.