Curvy Chix Chariot wants you to be beautiful and bold

Curvy Chix Chariot is Washington D.C.’s first mobile boutique for plus size women (sizes 14-24) owned by Donna Hundley. The only fashion truck in DC, MD, VA bringing trendy fashions specifically for plus size women, they work closely with local designers and global plus size designers to provide unique designs that will complement their clients.

In addition to the trendy plus size clothing, the Curvy Chix Chariot fashion truck offers accessories, handbags, jewelry and much more that fits the needs of curvy divas. Their fashion truck is a chic cozy boutique that lives by the slogan “Love Your Curves, Sexy Comes in Every Size!”

Donna knew that she couldn’t have been the only plus size woman who was frustrated with the lack of selection of stylish and reasonably priced clothing for curvy body types. Instead of just being frustrated, she decided to take action. She decided to look into the possibility of going mobile with a boutique idea. One of her best friends came up with the name Curvy Chix Chariot.

Hundley wasn’t always been a plus sized woman. A medical condition caused her to gain weight and she found herself having to adapt to her new body. She heard similar stories from a lot of other women. Donna decided that her boutique was not something that was just going to be a store to provide products, but a want for her store to be an experience. “I want my customers to realize that no matter what your size, you deserve to look and feel beautiful. I want every customer to walk out feeling confident about themselves and their curves!”

“I think we have come a long way in understanding that there is a market and need to have the trendy, fashionable, and affordable plus size clothing. According to a Netscape article from AOL Lifestyle, “The fashion industry assumes these standard measurements for a woman: 35-inch bust, a 27-inch waist, and 37.5-inch hip.” The reality for women 36-45 is actually an average size of:

• White: 41-34-43

• Black: 43-37-46

• Hispanic: 42.5-36-44

• Asian: 41-35-43

That says a lot about how the fashion industry needs to be more realistic in what they are creating and making available for the average woman consumer.

Understanding that everyone has some insecurities about the way the look, Donna believes it’s important that women continue to show that they can be beautiful at any size. “As women, our bodies go through so many changes and I think that it is important to be healthy and feel good with the changes. Therefore, the way we are portrayed in fashion and beauty should also reflect us to help reinforce our beauty.”

Jewelry designer turns sea glass into fashion

Alyssa Luberto started her very own hand-made jewelry business called “Ability by Alyssa,” at only age 22. Luberto is truly remarkable. With a keen eye, sense of style and the motivation to surpass her disability, she is a true inspiration to us all.

Luberto finds pieces of shattered glass, or crystallized rocks that she transforms into necklaces, and bracelets. 2014 is set to be a great year for Luberto as she celebrates the first anniversary of her jewelry line and expands to Baltimore’s first accessories-only mobile boutique called Side Dish.

Sea glass designs by Alyssa Luberto

Sea glass designs by Alyssa Luberto

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, she and her fashionista peers are hosting Baltimore’s first outdoor fashion event, Boulevard of Chic (BOC). BOC was created to support area businesses, organizations and the fusion of entrepreneurship & mobile fashion. Along with having these top fashion retail trucks attend, similar beauty/fashion/health table vendors, and food trucks will be there. Photographer and visionary Ken Rochon, from Umbrella Syndicate will be sponsoring this event, along with other media outlets.

Luberto was born and raised in Long Island, New York and moved to Baltimore in 2009 to attend Towson University. After earning a marketing degree, she chose to stay in Baltimore instead of returning to her hometown.

While Luberto was in college she interned with the nonprofit, Abilities Network where helped raise money for students with disabilities. When she was younger she was told she had a learning disability, which made some situations difficult in school. Yet, she never let it hold her back, which is why she pursued the internship over the others. “Now I have the Ability (not a disability) to create. I feel blessed to be able to finally see everything come together. I hope to hold an event and have a portion of my proceeds donated to Abilities Network in the future.”

Luberto uses sea glass that she collects on beaches to make her unique pieces that make up her current collections “Sea Glass” and “Ocean Sea.” Often people she meets on social media platforms help her add to her glass supply. “I met people on Instagram who had a similar desire for sea glass like me and before I knew it, I had bags and bags of sea glass at my front door from generous people in Hawaii who simply wanted to see more of my creations.”

Luberto travels to different beaches across the country to collect a variety shells and glass. “My top pieces would have to be my sea glass designs. What I love about this process is being able to take the ocean’s trash and transforming it into wearable treasures.”

She says designers should be passionate and patient with their creations. “Your heart really has to be into it— if not, there will be no passion in what you do. Don’t expect anything to happen overnight. Patience, dedication, and hard work are what I consider to be most important when it comes to starting a business based on your own personal designs. But above all if your heart is really into what you’re doing, that passion will take you farther than you could imagine. The ability is in your hands.”

Moving forward, she has plans for the spring that include bridal jewelry, as well as more sea glass and seashell jewelry designs to start off the summer. “I have many ideas that involve expanding into different areas of fashion. I could go on and on and on but overall, I hope to expand my brand with time.”

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