Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states in the country


Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states in the country. That’s according to a report published last week. It found the obesity rate is under 24% in the state.

Western Mass News spoke with some residents about this finding.

Falling third from the bottom on the obesity charts, MA residents say they’re not surprised! They’re trying to be healthy.

“Fruits, vegetables, people don’t realize how bad sugar is for them. I’m learning all this from my daughter. But every once and a while I sneak an ice cream,” Marian Germain tells Western Mass News.

Like Marian many people who are trying to get healthy are learning as they go. The results of the study says that Massachusetts is weighing in at 24% obesity rate.

The study last week by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health, did show some nationwide issues within our state. Like obesity rates being drastically higher for Hispanic and black Massachusetts residents. At 31% and nearly 37 % obesity.

A way many people combat that is exercise

“I joke with my great granddaughter that the only exercise I get is walking to the refrigerator,” Pat Hatch tells us.

But that’s not the only way Pat works out. She says her granddaughter keeps her active and moving around.

“I think in general people are realizing that we have to be careful because it impacts our health so she encourages me, she says let’s put the baby in the stroller and let’s go for a walk so I say okay,” Pat explains.

Nationally, Colorado was the lowest obesity rate at 22% and the highest … West Virginia at 38%.

And one thing that many people said about staying healthy is that they stay active and get out and do it as a family.