Phantasmagoria heads to Baltimore


Halloween isn’t until October 31, but with its haunting and whimsical stories of horror, the critically acclaimed Victorian Horror Troupe Phantasmagoria, is sure to leave you believing that the scariest time of the year might have arrived early.

Phantasmagoria’s “Wickedest Tales of All” will rip into Baltimore’s Theatre Project located at 45 West Preston Street in Baltimore from Thursday July 27 — Sunday July 30, 2017.

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The limited engagement marks Phantasmagoria’s return to Theatre Project. The Victorian Horror Troupe wowed audiences and drew sell-out audiences with its first two touring shows including performances in 2016 at Theatre Project.

The evocative troupe of storytellers, dancers and chorus will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, as they embark on adventures through their most popular tales of terror, horrific folk tales, legends and myths from around the world. Stories include Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death,” Charles Dickens,’ “A Madman’s Manuscript,” and centuries old ghastly Nursery Rhymes from “Gammer Gurton’s Garland.”

Phantasmagoria’s “Wickedest Tales of All,” was created by John DiDonna, who is also director of the production. The co-directors are Seth Kubersky and Kevin G. Becker. The production also features dance, live music, explosive stage combat, and large-scale puppetry. Caribbean-born actress Kisheera Victrum plays “Fabienne” in the production.

“Fabienne is a voodoo priestess who is on the dark side of the scale,” said Victrum. “You don’t want to cross her. You want to have Fabienne on your side. She is always alert, and is always watching. She is really a fun character to play.”

Victrum attends Valencia College in Orlando, Florida where she is studying acting and production design. She recalled going to see a performance of Phantasmagoria before auditioning for the troupe.

“I was blown away,” recalled Victrum. “I thought the show was outstanding. To be cast in the show is an absolute dream come true. The experience has been amazing. I learn something new every time I am in the room with the directors and performers.”

With the ongoing critically acclaimed success of the past eight years of ongoing original shows, Phantasmagoria’s “Wickedest Tales of All” will feature the “Best Of” the last seven years, in newly approached and re-imagined versions.

“Sometimes the story is horror, but not gory horror,” said Victrum. “It’s more creepy and mystical. Phantasmagoria really has its own style. Audiences can expect to have a really good time at this show.”

The production also features the choreography of Mila Makarova and Serafina Schiano, fight direction by Bill Warriner, and all original music and soundscapes by Les Caulfield and other artists.

“We also break the fourth wall,” said Victrum. “We are like the breath on the back of your neck.”

In addition to Phantasmagoria’s “Wickedest Tales of All” Victrum’s stage credits include playing the role of “Helene” in Sweet Charity, Matron “Mama” Morton in Chicago and “Salima” in Valencia College’s production of Ruined.

PHANTASMAGORIA’s “Wickedest Tales of All” features storytelling, dance, live music, explosive stage combat, and large-scale puppetry.

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PHANTASMAGORIA’s “Wickedest Tales of All” features storytelling, dance, live music, explosive stage combat, and large-scale puppetry.

“Acting has been the one thing I would do for free,” said Victrum noting she would like to teach one day. “It’s a bonus that I am getting paid for it. I want to be the kind of teacher than can give stage directions, build the set, act, and make costumes. The more hats you wear, the more opportunities you will have in the future.”

“Broadway would also be nice,” added the 22-year-old with a smile.

As a child, Victrum says she loved musicals, and even put on her own shows. “My cousins and I often pretended we were The Cheetah Girls. I never lost or grew out of the desire to always want to perform.”

According to Victrum, a Phantasmagoria comic book along with the next stage production is currently in the works.

“Phantasmagoria 8 ‘Chains of Fire’ is on the horizon,” she said. “We are having auditions, and there are some former Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus performers who want to join us. It’s very exciting.”

The talented actress said she is looking forward to performing in Baltimore. “This will be my first visit to Baltimore,” said Victrum, noting that special thanks goes out to publicist Edie Brown. “I can’t wait. I have a list of places I want to visit when I arrive. Audiences can expect an unforgettable experience.”

Due to some horror elements, the show is not recommended for children under seven. General Admission tickets are $25.00; $20.00 for seniors/military; and $15.00 for students. For tickets or more information, call 410-752-8558 or visit: