Camp for children with arthritis gets visited by NFL player


— Juvenile Arthritis is a condition no child and their family should have to go through.

That’s why rheumatoid arthritis doctor Tom Pressly started Jambalaya Jubilee to help children and the families get the latest on medicine in their field and also meet others like themselves. The children also get to do fun activities at the family retreat together like arts and craft, bowling, and visiting facilities like Sci-Port.

This year is the 27th annual Jambalaya Jubilee and 44 families were a part of the program.

Saturday morning, they were visited by Kansas City Chiefs player Charcandrick West who also had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He says he was once bedridden by the pain, but Dr. Pressly helped him find a cure.

Today West told the children in the camp that no dream is too big for them and that they shouldn’t let anyone discourage them from following it.

West says it’s a blessing for him to be able to meet with the kids and see them fight their illness.

Both West and Dr. Presssly hope the camp encourages the children to lead their lives and follow their dreams. Pressly also hopes families see that they aren’t alone in their struggle and their children can still lead normal lives.