New Beginnings: Genesis 4U promotes female entrepreneurship


— Referencing Genesis, entrepreneur Erica Massenburg credits the first book in The Bible for being the impetus for staring her company, Genesis 4U.

“Sometimes, women who may have gone through a difficult circumstance or time in their life, might feel like that [its] the end and want to give up,” said Massenburg. “But I want women to see that with the help of God, doors can be opened that could lead to a pathway for a new beginning.”

She added, “Ultimately, I want women to seek ways to come out of disparaging situations by seeing other women in business. By being exposed to female entrepreneurs, my hope is that these women can be encouraged, and take the necessary to take to start their own businesses.”

Massenburg says that she and her husband Hasson Massenburg Sr., co-founded Genesis4U in 2014.

“We are always looking for ways to give back to the community,” she said.

Genesis 4U recently held an event at the America Cancer Society Hope Lodge at 636 Lexington Street in Baltimore The networking event, entitled, “Better Together We Soar, Part 2,” drew several entrepreneurs who shared information about their products, services, tips and other information.

“I was primarily looking at starting an avenue for women to come together, not just to sell, but to network,” she said. “I wanted women to get information to better themselves, mentally and physically. I also wanted to help promote and serve as an avenue to bring women together to share information with one another so we can grow. When we don’t work together, it stifles our growth. When we work together, we can soar.”

She added, “The vendors felt they got a lot out of it. They got to network with one another and got to learn from one another. They got tips and trips about marketing and growing their businesses. That was a plus. The goal of this event was to provide another avenue to build relations and entrepreneurship within our community. God has given me a heart and desire to help others and I will continue to do so.”

According to Massenburg, proceeds raised from the event benefited the American Cancer Society. Barbara Cooper was among those who attended the event.

“I was truly touched,” said Cooper. “Erica held this event to help other women soar. It was an encouraging and uplifting event.”

Massenburg, 43, is a native of Baltimore. She attended Western Senior High School. She earned her BS from Villa Julia College and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She and her husband have two children, Hasson, 14 and Trinity, 12.

The participating vendors were: Free By Me, Sassy Shots, Magnolia Vine Jewelry and Accessories, LuLa Roe Clothing, Initials Inc. Personalized Accessories, Total Life Changes, Rebellious Graphics, Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC, Dione Glam Jewels, Sweet Treats, Mary Kay, and Hair Chemistry.