MY SOUL RADIO welcomes Sheryl Underwood


Yes! This is the same Sheryl Underwood, the comedian and one of the hosts of “The Talk,” on CBS.

Sheryl Underwood Radio is an all access pass to entertaining and enlightening conversations about relationships, entertainment, sports and hot topics. The show debuts with interviews with celebrities Marques Houston, Ron Isley, T-Pain and K Michelle. Show officials say more exciting interviews are to come.

“There are a couple of reasons why we are so excited to have Sheryl Underwood as part of our family. She embraces change and technology—[and] the way we listen to radio is changing. In a couple of years, the Internet will be available in [our] cars. Being Internet based, to be able to get someone of her caliber on our station is a huge win for us, as we position ourselves to be your radio station of choice— actually your Soul Station of choice.

The other reason Mrs. Underwood is important to us, is this: She is a credible black female voice in a male dominated industry. We support her movement 100 percent,” said station owner, Corey Bivens. Sheryl Underwood Radio has a dedicated phone line, 855-Sheryl-1, giving people all over the country the opportunity to interact with the show. The dedicated line is part of a multi-faceted strategy, which will allow listeners to engage with the show.

Sheryl Underwood is a huge supporter of HBCUs, which ties in with the objectives of MY SOUL RADIO ( and its other media publication Indie Soul Magazine ( in promoting Historical Black College News and Sports. She received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Benedict College in Columbia, S.C. Sheryl Underwood Radio will feature yours truly, Sheryl Underwood, Harry Southerland, James Kelley and executive producer Vic Frost. The show will air weekday mornings on MY SOUL RADIO from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. The Tune In app and The MY SOUL RADIO app are available from the Google Play Store. Follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: MY SOUL RADIO. Contact:

Follow Sheryl Underwood: Facebook: Shery l Underwood Radio, Twitter: @UnderwoodRadio, and Instagram: @sherylunderwoodradio