Revised and updated history of The Patapsco released


The revised and updated second edition of “The Patapsco: Baltimore’s River of History” by Paul J. Travers, the main resource detailing this key American river’s impact on Maryland and the nation has been released by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. The book covers early native settlements on its shores, to 20th-century harbor revitalization, through ongoing 21st-century changes with new photos and maps, updates, and six new chapters, including the river’s most recent developments.

Long the main resource on this key American river, this book’s expanded second edition includes dozens of new photos and maps, updates and six new chapters recording the twenty-first century’s most recent developments on the Patapsco River. Along with insightful narration of its impact on its watershed and on Baltimore in particular, the book contains the entire recorded history of the Patapsco River.

It moves from the early Native American camps on its shores, through the late twentieth-century revitalization of its harbor, and to the environmental and economic changes the Patapsco has been a part of during these first decades of the twenty-first century.

The Patapsco’s story contains some of the most important and fascinating events of Maryland’s past, and this book allows the reader to dip at will into the exciting and unexpected blend of people, places and events that have had such great impact on the state of Maryland and the nation.

Author, Paul J. Travers was born near the Patapsco River in Baltimore, and first explored the rough and tough Fells Point waterfront as a truant schoolboy. His work as a park ranger with the Maryland Park Service fostered his interest in the river’s history. For the past three decades he has hiked, biked, and boated along the river’s shoreline to witness the transformation of the “River of History” into the “River of Hope.” He has been involved with various historical and environmental groups to promote its preservation and conservation. He strongly believes in our birthright of clean air and water, and hopes to fish and swim in a fully restored and sustainable Patapsco River in the not too distant future. In addition to being a self-taught “river rat,” he holds degrees from the University of Maryland and Pepperdine University.

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