MTA launches Adopt-A-Stop


On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center (UM BWMC), the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) announced the beginning of an exciting initiative to help make Maryland’s bus stops litter-free. The innovative ‘Adopt-A-Stop’ program will rely on collaboration between MTA and area residents, businesses, property owners and neighborhood civic groups who will help keep their communities clean by ‘adopting’ a local bus stop. This simple commitment involves the pledge to perform a bi-weekly checkup to remove trash and unwanted items from a bus stop and to report damages or other concerns to the MTA. The UM BWMC is the first group that signed up to make a difference in its community through this program.

“My administration is committed to providing the best customer service possible for our citizens,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “The Adopt-A-Stop initiative is one more way we are ensuring continuous improvements while working with our neighbors to enhance the quality of life for Marylanders.”

Participants in the Adopt-A-Stop program must agree to:

•Regularly clean and maintain the adopted stop, including nearby walkways and street areas, a minimum of once every other week— and more frequently if needed in order to prevent snow, litter and other debris from accumulating and becoming a nuisance.

•Call immediately for pickup of illegally dumped large, heavy items.

•Report or clean up graffiti as soon as possible.

•Monitor and report sidewalk and street snow clearance problems at the stop during winter.

In turn, the MTA will respond to calls about heavy item pickup, graffiti abatement and snow clearance within two days and Coordinate publicity efforts with the adopter to solicit local media coverage, as requested.

“MTA works hard to be a good neighbor and that means working together with the communities we serve,” said MTA Administrator and CEO Paul Comfort. “I applaud program participants who are doing their part to help us keep our bus stops and shelters free of litter and graffiti. Together, we are enhancing the transit experience for our customers.”

After two months of successful adoption, the MTA will present Adopt-A-Stop volunteers with a sign installed at their designated bus stop, recognizing their company or group for its participation along with an adoptee recognition certificate.

“We ask that volunteers commit to the program for at least one year,” said Janeen Kuser, MTA’s Adopt-A-Stop Program Manager. “To sign up, volunteers just need to choose one or more MTA bus stops and fill out the online Adopt-A-Stop agreement form. This really is an easy and meaningful way to get your group involved in the community, be recognized for your hard work and keep your neighborhood clean for everyone.”

The MTA urges Adopt-A-Stop volunteers to wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, safety vests and closed-toe shoes when cleaning their designated bus stops. Volunteers also should bring brooms, rakes, shovels, dustpans, trash bags, a cell phone in case of emergencies and lots of fluids, particularly on very warm days. The MTA will provide guidelines to help keep volunteers safe.

To sign up or get more information on Adopt-A-Stop, contact Janeen Kuser in the MTA’s Office of Communications and Marketing at 410-767-8746 or or visit