Chic Looks for Spring Crafts


— Elegant and feminine with a focus on butterflies and soft pastels, the hottest look for spring is cottage chic. You’ll find it everywhere from fashionable attire to stylish home decor, so why not borrow from the trend as you get crafty this spring.

To achieve just the right look, remember that this season features a soft color palette paired with neutrals. You can capture the trend perfectly with this jewelry box, a project from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Store your treasures in style with a pretty, functional box that reflects the aged and weathered finishes and clean, botanical prints typical of cottage chic decor.

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Cottage Chic Jewelry Box

Crafting Time: 3-5 hours

Skill level: Some experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:


Unfinished wood box

Picture frame (same size or just slightly larger than top of box)

Wax paper

2 colors of FolkArt Home Decor Chalk (1 base, 1 top coat)

Small containers (for paint)


FolkArt Home Decor Wax: Clear

Soft cloth (lint-free)

Paper cutter or scissors

5 sheets of scrapbook paper (12-inchx12-inch coordinating colors)



Decoupage medium

Foam core board

Craft knife & cutting mat

Super glue

Decorative faux lock

  1. Lightly sand any rough edges of unfinished wood box. Wipe clean.

  2. Remove back and glass from frame. Set aside.

  3. Prepare an area for painting by laying down wax paper on protected work surface.

  4. Using base color first, apply FolkArt Home Decor Chalk according to directions on bottle. Pour small amount into container. Paint entire box and frame. Allow to dry.

  5. Repeat for top coat of FolkArt Home Decor Chalk. Allow to dry.

  6. Lightly sand edges, corners and sides of box for desired distressed look. Wipe clean.

  7. Follow directions on the bottle of wax to apply to all painted areas. Use soft cloth to wipe off any excess wax and buff.

  8. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit frame. Place glass and paper inside frame and put back together.

  9. Create paper lining on inside of box by carefully measuring each side. Cut papers to fit measurements.

  10. Apply decoupage medium to back of paper. Place paper inside box and smooth out gently, removing any bubbles. Repeat with each paper until complete. Allow to dry.

  11. Apply layer of decoupage medium over all papers that have been adhered. Smooth out any bubbles. Allow to dry.

  12. Create dividers for inside jewelry box. Measure inside dimensions of box. Cut pieces from foam core board to fit inside box using a craft knife. Paint edge of foam core to match the box. Allow to dry.

  13. Measure and cut scrapbook paper to fit both sides of foam core dividers.

  14. Apply decoupage medium to paper and smooth onto foam core. Allow to dry. Apply another layer of decoupage medium over paper. Allow to dry.

  15. Position dividers inside box and adhere with super glue. Allow to dry.

  16. Glue picture frame to top of box, using super glue. Allow to dry.

  17. Position decorative lock to overlap both top and bottom on side of box. Only apply glue to bottom half of lock. Glue in place. Allow to dry.