Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: Michelle Stafford


“I enjoy being in tune with my body and I want others to be able to learn how to do the same thing” —Michelle Stafford

I had been promising this week’s Entrepreneur of the Week, Michelle Stafford that I would take part in her yoga class at the Living Well facility, located at 2443 N. Charles Street in the Charles Village for over a year.

She was aware that I was trying to make changes and moving toward a healthier lifestyle, so every time she saw me she would remind me that I promised to participate in her class. I finally made it to one of her classes and it was amazing.

“I want people to really understand how yoga can benefit them, to be able to help with the process of understanding how your body works, to be able to help with the process of healing yourself— I enjoy that. It really isn’t intimidating at all,” Stafford said.

Stafford considered herself as a gym rat and says that she used to love being in the gym so she could push her body to the limit. She joined the military because of the physicality of boot camp and she enjoyed it. An injury forced her out of the service but she became involved in personal training and from there went on to become a yoga instructor.

“Once people try it they are amazed [how] easy it is and able to find out more about who they are,” said Stafford.

Now I know why she has so many followers who come to her three locations to take her yoga classes: Razz Yoga:— Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. and Friday 9:30 a.m.; Maryland Athletic Club:— Thursday at 7 a.m. (Power Yoga); Monday 1pm; Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Living Well.

For more information about her classes or to find the right class for you, call 443-854-8387.