LETTER: Ferguson shooting–Never again



Re: Ferguson, Missouri Shooting— Never Again!

Recently, I was invited to participate in a march to protest the shooting of Michael Brown a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer.

Previously, I was also invited to do the same for other shootings like Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida; and Oscar Grant in Oakland, California.

Even though we have taken to the streets in shooting after shooting, these marches don’t seem to be doing much good since the shootings have not stopped. I think we need a different strategy.

Instead of marching in the streets, we should march to the schools and libraries and learn English, math and science and earn a high school diploma and a college degree. Then start businesses, create jobs and end poverty. Since most of the people being shot are poor, once we end poverty we will probably be able to declare the Ferguson, Missouri Shooting— Never Again!

Elie Parker

San Leandro, California