Indie Spotlight: Crystal L. Bass


Crystal L. Bass, a self-published, writer, director, and author will be bring her play, “Ain’t No Mothers Love, Like A Mothers Love,” to the Baltimore area for ONE show on Saturday, November 15, 2014, at the Lyric Opera House.

“There is a message with this stage play that hope people walk away with. I want them to understand it’s okay when you fail or make mistakes. Its how you come back from those mistakes. More importantly it is nothing more important than a mothers love,” said Bass.

The Baltimore native has known since she was little that she always wanted to write. “Writing is therapeutic for me. I love writing. You can get away with so much when you write and be something or somebody else. I love it,” said Bass

After talking with Crystal, I could tell that she is passionate about writing; being a role model; and representing women and the city she loves— Baltimore.

“This is home. I want the city to embrace my work and show me love like I show it,” said Bass.

Speaking of love, Bass gives credit to her family for being supportive. To show that support, when Crystal opened her play in Mississippi, her family showed up and surprised her. “There’s nothing like family,” she said. “I was so shocked because I really wanted them to come and they said they could not, but to see them there was everything,”

The stage production is based on her best-selling novel “Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family Struggle.” In the play, a bible-toting, gun wielding mother of three feels that, like Stella, it’s time to get her groove back! She later finds that worshiping a man with a dark side is a recipe for disaster. In this emotional roller coaster, we watch her family as they pull through life’s hardest truths. Family secrets, drama and heartache are revealed time and time again. But all hope is not lost—not at all. You won’t leave the theater thinking the same way about the meaning of family or what a mother’s love is really all about.

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