Indie Soul: Entrepreneur of the Week Nia Anderson


Everyone dreams! Some dream of making it big and becoming famous in the entertainment business while others dream about how they can be of better service to others. Nia Anderson is one of those people. With her event planning service, Orchids of Elegance, her plan is to change the way your next event looks and feels!

Nia learned from years of bartending that customer service is always key. “Most services don’t really keep in line with what the customer wants, from their needs to the theme of the event. My goal is to really bring the vision of the customer to life.”

“Orchids of Elegance” handles everything from planning, photography, bartending service, marketing, and promotion of your event.

Anderson has hit the ground running with a commercial that is produced and ready to air (which you can see on the website:, a contract for a major bank’s Family Fun Day Event in September, and some major sporting events. Nia adds, “I am just willing to work with people. It doesn’t matter who you are or what ethnicity, as long as you are providing a great service and care about what you are doing.

Her advice for other up and coming entrepreneurs— “Just start your business. Do whatever you have in mind and do it.” That is why Nia Anderson is our “Entrepreneur of the Week.”

You can see photos of her launch party, which took place on Sunday, August 17th, by visiting our Facebook page: .

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