Indie Soul Book Review: Church Girls by Delisa Shelby Claude

When is comes to the church and church folk, there is a perception they are better than those who don’t attend services. The author of the book “Church Girls” sheds some light on the life of those inside church, what they experience and shows they are no different from anyone else as they deal with everyday life problems and issues.

Church Girls is about four women: Diamond, Tameka, Carrington, and Krystal each dealing with a set of circumstances that will test their faith. Those circumstances are death, finances, abuse, and a shocking scenario you have to read to believe.

How will it end? Well author Delisa Shelby Claude has taken a different approach. Rather than giving you the complete story, she wants you to invest in the characters and the message. This is the first in a series featuring these characters. It’s a great read for book clubs who are looking for something different and for someone who is looking for a read that is not too deep but will leave you satisfied.

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