Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: TyLeishia Douglass


This week’s Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the week holds so many titles we might have to call her the new mini Oprah. TyLeishia Douglass is a woman with many skills, but is confident in all that she does.

“I am most certainly blessed to be in a position to not only promote myself but others as well,” said Douglass. She is an author, radio host and public speaker. If that is not enough, she is also CEO of JBNM Publishing.

Her book, “Jewels Declaring New Miracles,” is about finding the courage to overcome. The character in the book, Da’Viese is a woman who is trying to find her way in life. “There are some things in the book that myself or others I know, that have gone through some things and from those examples, I wanted to write something that women could identify with. Not only women, but men as well,” says Douglass.

She began hosting a radio show in order to promote her work. “It is tough out here for people who are independent, on their own, to try and find media outlets to promote their book,” she says. Her show can be heard on Thursday evenings over the Blog Talk Radio Network at 6pm (EST). The Show is called: Jewels Declaring Miracles2.

For more information on TyLeishia Douglass follow her on Twitter: urjdnm and on Facebook under: tylaviese.douglass