‘Berries by Quicha’ opens first location


— LaQuicha Brown has always had a passion for creating items that she says are outside the box.

LaQuicha Brown, owner of Berries by Quicha.

(Courtesy photo)

LaQuicha Brown, owner of Berries by Quicha.

So, when the job market provided just lemons to the Morgan State University graduate, she decided to make boxes of sweet treats.

“After starting my family over 16 years ago, cooking became second nature,” Brown said. “As a result of two of my most dear passions, ‘Berries by Quicha’ was created.”

With a brand new location at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center on O’Donnell Street in Baltimore, “Berries by Quicha,” serves as a low calorie sweet treat alternative to cake, according to Brown.

Chocolate lovers can order a 12-piece assorted box that includes white chocolate swirls, morsel, toffee and other sweet tooth soothers. Brown also offers a customized box of chocolate that features just about any theme and color a customer desires with decorations that include pearls, glitter and sparkles.

For those seeking a bit of a “kick,” Brown has a recipe deeply infused with Ciroc Vodka.

“We have several ideas, but it all started really because people love to give chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day,” Brown said. “So, I decided to make some and what’s interesting is that there was snow on the ground and I offered free delivery and my product just went like that. It was a hit.”

Brown said it was important that she not compromise her creativity or the taste of the berries for her specialty treats. She also said she remained very much aware that many individuals enjoy a good treat while still watching their calories.

“It keeps you on track with your diet,” Brown said. “Each of our berries are carefully selected by hand and we test them out. If it’s not good, we toss them.”

While the taste may be satisfying and the low sugar content appetizing, many customers are attracted to the various designs Brown creates. She includes a purse for Mother’s Day and a chick for Easter.

There are birthday, “thank you,” and other themed occasions in which Brown creates special designs and chocolate covered berries. She has also catered birthday parties; wedding and bridal showers; club and sporting events; baby showers and other events.

Brown has also gathered quite the following with many posting their satisfaction on the company’s website and on Facebook.

“I noticed your car and my strawberry radar kicked in. I cannot wait to order from you. Your strawberries are beautiful. I will tell everyone that I know about your product,” Coppin State College student Jacqueline Long posted in a message to Brown.

Admirer Shaquawnda Holmes put it quite simply. “Awesome,” Holmes said of Brown’s berries. “I love your work.”

Brown says attention to detail is important, something she learned as a student at Morgan State University.

“For this business to have grown to this size is amazing,” Brown said. “It’s turned into a career. Like one of my favorites professors said, ‘you have to use the theory of when you can’t find a job, you create a job.’ That’s what I’ve done.”