Indie Soul Student of the Week: Keon “Lil Key” Myers


— This week’s Indie Soul Student of the Week is challenging stereotypes of his generation. Keon “Lil Key” Myers is trying to change the game for the good.

I met Keon at the African-American Music Festival last weekend in Baltimore. He is a hip hop artist and was part of the celebration.

The 15-year-old is also an honor student and a basketball player. Most teenage boys only care about girls and trying to impress their friends. This is not to say that Myers doesn’t, but he also cares about his community and being a positive role model through his music. His lyrics about education and spirituality are very uplifting.

Between his studies, sports and performing, he is constantly in the public eye and he knows he represents that section of young America— especially black males, who are constantly shown in a negative light.

“Lil Key” always has a smile on his face and dresses in the latest fashion, which means he knows to wear his pants pulled up. He is engaging no matter who he is speaking to and more importantly, he is professional. His thirst for knowledge is very evident.

Keon’s CD is available now. For more information about how you can get a copy or to find out where he will be performing next follow him on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, under @bmorelilkey or Bmore Lil Key.

Each week during the school year, Indie Soul will spotlight a student who excels in academics and in the community. To nominate someone for “Student of the Week,” call 410-366-3900 ext. 3016 or email with “Student of the Week” in the subject line.