Indie Soul: Ronald Gray’s “My Call”


Summer is about relaxing, vacationing, and for many of us reading. As you are searching for a few great reads, pick up the book, “My Call” by Ronald Gray available on Amazon and Kindle.

The concept of the story is basically good versus evil. The storyline reads like a combination of a few movies— The Ten Commandments, Scarface and New Jack City all in one. Mixed with the elements of drama, action and suspense, “My Call” also lends itself to the supernatural, something rarely seen from African American writers.

“A lot of what is in the book I have lived to some degree, even the super natural things. [Both] holy and unholy. Two of the biggest problems in relationships and marriages are money and sex. The church as a whole will talk far more about money than sex. People don’t want sugar coated messages they want the raw truth. This book covers this and so much more,” said Gray.

Ronald Gray says authors should not be afraid to write from the heart, “For me there has never been a box or a subject that can’t be discussed. There is a way to discuss anything. In life the very things that people will not discuss are the very things that are causing the most problems. Living in fear of what others will think, say or do is not the answer. I can’t say what others should write but they should write from their heart.”

Gray is scheduled to appear at book signing in Baltimore on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at the Edmondson Avenue Branch of the Enoch Free Pratt Library starting at 2 p.m. It’s your chance to meet Ronald Gray and to have him autograph a copy of his book.

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