Indie Soul: Peanut Butter Principles: 47 Leadership Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids


What child does not like peanut butter? It is very nutritious and tastes great. With apples, crackers or bread, it doesn’t matter because it’s the really the peanut butter that everyone loves. It sticks to you and makes you full.

Well in the book, “Peanut Butter Principles: 47 Leadership Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids,” entrepreneur Eric Franklin is giving parents much needed advice to raise kids to become leaders.

“When writing this book, I wanted to make it really simply to give parents something to think about when rearing their children. [It] doesn’t matter, if it is a single parent family household or a two-parent household, children need structure and guidance. Instead of placing things of no value in front of our children, we need to teach and show them the proper way to handle life and its problems. This is something we should be doing when they are young, never mind what the media says’ states Franklin.

Character development, community, money, success, relationships, school, and fear, are just a few of the issues that Franklin talks about in his book. This is a book geared toward children but it also contains lessons for adults who may be transitioning in life, graduating college, or thinking about starting a business. This book has principles that we all can use.

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