Entrepreneur of the Week: Darrell Jenkins

— This week’s entrepreneur of the week is graphic artist, consultant, and web-master Darrell Jenkins.

A former manager for many of the big name music stores back in the day and a current DJ (he is known as DJ Solar) who exposes new talent with his mix tapes, Darrell has been around the entertainment business for 25 years. “Working with new undiscovered talent, is where it is at, because not only am I able to give them something visual for the world to see, I am able to advise and consult with them on what to expect, how to go about this business, and be very professional,” states Jenkins.

One thing that Darrell has mastered is using his talents throughout the country via the worldwide web and social media. “Being an entrepreneur, to me, does not mean just being small in your hometown, it means being in control and being able to work from anywhere and with anyone— that’s the beauty of working for yourself. There are no boundaries and if you handle your business correctly, you will be successful.”

Darrell’s company is I-deezy’n, which does everything from book designs, CD covers, banner designs and more. “I really love what I do. Sure there are times where I just want to scream, who doesn’t, but I would not have it any other way but working for myself.” For more on I-deezy’n visit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ideezyn or email: heydee@ideezyn.com.