Foot Care Tips for Diabetics


Diabetics have to take special care of their feet. The disease can cause peripheral neuropathy—otherwise known as nerve damage. When this happens, you might lose feeling in your feet and be at greater risk of sustaining injuries. Foot injuries can become infected and, in the worst-case scenario, require an amputation.

Follow these care tips to keep your feet in the best shape possible.

  • Wash your feet with mild soap and lukewarm water (less than 90° F) every day. Pat your feet dry, paying special attention between your toes.
  • Though you can apply lotion to your feet, don’t rub any between your toes. Sprinkle on a non-medicated powder before putting on your socks and shoes.
  • Talk to your doctor before you trim your own nails. Better yet, treat yourself to a professional pedicure. If you have corns, calluses or ingrown toenails, it’s best to let the doctor handle those.
  • Always wear socks and shoes, even indoors on carpeted floors.
  • Choose cotton socks and wear a clean, dry pair every day. Skip the cute sandals, flip-flops and sexy stilettos. Check your shoes regularly for rough spots or worn lining. Replace damaged or worn-out shoes.
  • Avoid using electric blankets or heating pads on your feet. If you have nerve damage, you might not notice when you’re being burned.
  • Keep the blood flowing to your feet by move them around several times a day. Wiggle your toes often.