Million Man March documentary tackles unanswered questions


The date was Monday, October 16, 1995. Do you remember what you were doing on that day? Some one million plus men surely do. This was the day that Minister Louis Farrakhan and others set aside for The Million Man March. A new documentary produced and directed by Angela Muhammad, “The Million Man March The Untold Truth,” tells the story with a look behind the scenes of what really happened before and after the March.

It attempts to answer, with documented proof, the questions that many have asked: How many people really attended the march, what happened to the money, and how the march was planned? A couple of interesting things to note: the federal government shut down and President Bill Clinton left town that day.

One of the biggest misconceptions that women were not allowed to participate is disputed by the fact that many women were involved in the planning and execution of the event. Both Maya Angelou and Malcolm X’s widow Betty Shabazz attended and spoke at The Million Man March.

The film features: Chuck D (Public Enemy); Rev. Willie Wilson (Pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church); Marion Barry (former mayor of Washington, DC), the late Dr. Dorothy Height (founder and former president of the National Council of Negro Women); Ice-T, (hip hop artist and star of Law & Order); Rock Newman (boxing promoter and radio host); and others. You can purchase a copy at .