Indie Soul: College 101


With spring in the air, high school seniors are preparing for the colleges they will attend in the fall.

Baltimore’s very own Tiona Blyden, author of “College 101- 7 Ways To Hit the Ground Running” has some advice for those who choose to continue their education. “This book is really for the students who are going to college. It’s really simple and to the point to help them before they even set foot on college campus, so that they are prepared for what college will bring them.” says Blyden.

“I wrote this book because although I was an honor student in high school, in my honest opinion, the school system does not really prepare you for college life and how to make sound decisions,” she continued.

A Morgan State University graduate, Blyden focuses on the core subject of the decision to attend college, getting students to really think about why they are attending, picking classes, and setting goals. “This book is not just for students, but adults as well, so they can sit with their child and see if this something their child is truly ready for,” says Blyden. Her book is available at