Indie Soul Entrepreneur: Jimmy Powell Jr.


MICA graduate, Jimmy Powell Jr., is our entrepreneur of the week. The young man started his company Digital Specialist 1( Visual/Video/Audio Production) with his sights set on winning an Oscar. “I have dreams and aspirations. There is no plan B. Everything I set out to do I have accomplished. There have been people that have expected me to fail and I use that for inspiration” he says.

Jimmy credits his strong family support from his mother and father. “My parents never told me, I could not do anything. They have always encouraged me to be and do the best at whatever it is I planned on doing. Dream big is something I have always done and I will continue to do.”

At the age of 16, Powell moved to Baltimore because of the huge art community. “Man the creativity in this area is great. I love the passion of being around other creative people, so to come here was something that I truly believe God had for me.”

Jimmy has produced various commercials, videos, and movies. The 30-year-old has even had Lionsgate Films interested in his work. Yet it’s not the money but the love of creating and the love of art that fuels him. And what about that Oscar? “I am not hoping or wishing for that honor, it will happen. Failure is not an option.”

To see some of Jimmy Powell Jr.’s work: