AAC makes it easier for citizens and businesses to get permits


— County Executive Laura Neuman today announced the reinstatement of the Permit Application Center’s Trade Desk, which expedites the permitting process for electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors. This move results in trade contractors being served in a timelier manner, which benefits both businesses and consumers who need their services.

“The new desk saves contractors time and allows them to get back to the worksite where they can be more productive,” said County Executive Neuman. “Since the bulk of the permits we issue are to trade contractors, it makes good business sense to reinstate a service focused to specifically serve their needs. As we work to remove barriers to doing business in Anne Arundel County, this is one solid way to show that we are serious about becoming more business-friendly.”

An added benefit to the Trade Desk is that it allows the Permit Application Center to more speedily assist residents seeking general permits. They will no longer have to wait in line with trade contractors. Anne Arundel County issues approximately 35,000 permits to trade contractors annually; this represents 75 percent of permits issued.

The Trade Desk announcement is one of a number of improvements being made in the Permit Application Center to help improve efficiency. In November, the Department of Inspections and Permits implemented a technology enhancement that allows permit application comment letters to be sent electronically in order to shorten agency response time. The Department also has been undergoing office renovations to make better use of its space to better serve customers.