Cheryl Contee


Co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics, CEO at Fission Strategy, Co-Founder of, 2010 Most Influential Women in Tech

Personal Significance of Black History Month: My father was an historian at Howard University and his love of history showed me that there are many sides and stories. Black History Month is an opportunity to explore this history we all share as Americans from a different angle and that is valuable. It enriches our collective knowledge.

Favorite African-American Icon and Why: Harriet Tubman – she was a Renaissance woman who loved as hard as she fought. She served not only as the Moses who freed many slaves including most of her family but she was brilliant and served as a Union spy during the Civil War to aid in vital intelligence gathering.

Favorite Moment in Black History: Barack Obama becoming president in 2008. No matter what feelings we may experience concerning his administration’s triumphs and tribulations, there’s no question that specific moment will always be special to all Americans – the election of the first black president.

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