Indie Soul Spotlight: Rodney Kelley Sr.


It has been said that “music makes the world go round,” but let me add something to that phrase— GREAT artists playing GREAT music, is what really, makes the world go round! People want music that takes them to another time or space. Music that reaches deep into their soul, and inspires or creates lasting memories. When I think of a musician who does all those things— Rodney Kelley Sr. comes to mind.

“Music is a passion of mine. Picking up the guitar and just letting your mind be free is something that I enjoy,” Kelley said. “When I got into this music, it was something I truly enjoyed doing. I love to entertain, but more importantly, I want to show people HOW to entertain, how to be a professional, and when given the opportunity, be able to mentor or share my experiences and teach others who also want to be in this business.”

One thing that many people don’t realize and perhaps young musicians should take note of is that you have to prioritize your responsibilities Kelley says. “I have a very loving wife and great family. There was a point in my life when I had to put away the music and support my family. It was also very important to me that my relationship with God was where it needed to be before pursuing anything, whether that is a job or music. So setting or having priorities were the key for me,” Kelley said. “Without that, then, my music would not be where it is today.”

Currently set to release his first music project this fall Kelley said, “I am very excited about this CD. People have been asking me for years, ‘when are you going to release some original music?’ Well the time is now.” Something else for Rodney to be proud of, his son, Rodney Kelley Jr., is following in his footsteps.” I never pushed my children to do anything. This is something that he decided to do on his own. To able to work with my son is truly something special.”

The Rodney Kelley Experience has played and is currently playing in various venues throughout the DMV area. If you are a lover of great music from Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and Rock music, then you should make it a point to go see and experience Rodney Kelley Sr.

“Everyone I know that plays music wants to be like him. He is a perfect gentleman and is always professional and humble. I wish more music artists, would or could be like him,” said promoter Collin Sears when asked about booking The Rodney Kelley Experience for venues.

“I just want people to know, there are good quality shows and artists who truly do care about how they look, how they sound, and how they perform. I just want to set the example, educate and do my thing, the only way I know how,” said Kelley.

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