Harry Lennix takes on role in NBC’s The Blacklist


“I thought it was intriguing. The elements were great, the cat and mouse,” said actor Harry Lennix (Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel) about his newest role in NBC’s new drama series The Blacklist, which premiers September 23, 2013. “I was interested intellectually, to be captive and still have freedom.”

Lennix stars as FBI Assistant Director Harry Cooper. “He is Assistant Director of counter terrorism for the FBI,” said Lennix, also known for his roles in The Five Heartbeats and Dollhouse, about his character in the NBC/Sony Television produced action-thriller. “It’s dealing with terrorism, stopping them on American soil. The FBI deals with domestic terrorism and the CIA deals with international terrorism. It deals with a hot-bed of important issues.”

Lennix says he has many friends who are FBI agents and he has played FBI characters in the past, so taking on FBI Agent Harry Cooper wasn’t a stretch for him.

Chicago native Lennix can also be seen in the dramatic film Mr. Sophistication where he plays veteran/comedian/actor Ron Waters, a washed up comedian who has been given a second chance.

“It tells the story of Ron Waters, a comedian inspired by Richard Pryor, who lives his life artistically on stage…which turns into satire,” Len nix pointed out. “He blows his career and gets a second chance. It [his performances] revealed things about himself that is compelling.”

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